Last Paddle of the Day

end of paddling mortimer spit

Last paddle of the day.
Mortimer Spit, Pender Island, BC



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2 Responses to Last Paddle of the Day

  1. Deb, I wanted to comment on this last night, but we were out for dinner at Poet’s Cove. It was a lovely evening to be sitting out on their patio with a group of friends.

    Anyway, this is beautiful and serene picture. When did you take it? It looks like the cover of a kayaking magazine.

    • Deb says:

      Hi Greg, I took this picture on July 8th. We were on the island for 3.5 days and managed to paddle 3 of the days. We were lucky that every time we were down at the spit we had it to ourselves. We are looking forward to paddling again when we are back in a couple of weeks. (Counting the days!!!!)

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