Sea Cucumbers

sea cucumber We came across these sea cucumbers at the William Walker ocean access, on South Pender Island, a little while ago. The spot was a hub of living activity. In this spot we saw the eel from the previous blog post, crabs and sea cucumbers.

Sea cucumbers are one of my new favorite beach creatures. If you look carefully you will find them nestled in the crevices of rocks, just slightly hidden away. The most amazing thing is when they start to move and seem to almost shrink into themselves.

sea cucumberThe sea cucumber’s color and texture makes them an interesting subject to both watch and photograph. Sea life is an amazing thing when looked at up close.

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2 Responses to Sea Cucumbers

  1. They are such a bright colour! The only time I ever saw a sea cucumber was in the Cook Islands, and it wasn’t alive. Apparently you can eat them, although I’ve never tried.

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