My Secret Garden


The moment I first set foot in our back garden in Pender I was transported back to 4th grade when my teacher read our class the book The Secret Garden. Perhaps most people aren’t so in awe of a garden on a house they have just purchased, however we bought this place a little differently. We bought it without seeing it. We bought it off the internet. All we had seen before the 1152 km drive out to the property after the possession date were a few realtor photos and a video. Realtors are more about the house details than the garden details so I had no idea what we truly had for a garden until the moment I saw it.

gardenThe part of the garden nearest the house is quite tame with a strip of lawn that separates the house and deck from a truly wild area. The previous owner had great plans for the yard at one point. In the house we even came across blueprints and plans professionally done for the vision she had for the yard. We can tell from her planters that she was a serious gardener; all the planters have layerings of bulbs to ensure there are flowers throughout the year. However as time went on the wild portion of the garden became too much for her and nature has taken over.

gardenOver the past year we have slowly worked in the garden bit by bit, always uncovering something new. The children have done a fine job of creating a circular path, maybe the word to use should be “trampling”. As I trim back hugely overgrown plants I have found flower beds framed with stones. One day, during a game of hide and seek our children found a ceramic bird bath, standing upright, with plants having grown over it; they though this was an amazing find.


My most recent find is pictured above. This is at the very back of the garden where it is quite a high fence (at least 8 feet high). For some reason I stopped to look carefully at the fence, I have no idea why, and I discovered there is a door in the fence.  It opens up to the backing property. It is interesting that they would put a door in a fence that is as high and as solid as a fortress. If you were that friendly with your neighbor wouldn’t just a little gate do? My husband finds this as interesting and as puzzling as I do.

gardenThe garden also is filled with little gems such as flowers, holly berries and mushrooms. There is always something new to find and admire.


The trees in the garden are massive, and the further you venture into the garden the darker it gets. I quite like this section of trees where the ivy has decided to climb vertically straight up the tree trunks. Ivy definitely has a mind of its own.

gardenWhenever we drive up to the house the first thing my husband and I do is to check out the garden. We never quite know what to expect as everything grows so well in the moist and moderate climate. It is always a joy to walk through the massive trees , check out the latest blooms and growth, and catch the scent of the cedars.

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6 Responses to My Secret Garden

  1. karmami says:

    beautiful property surrounded by raw gorgeous nature

  2. wildsherkin says:

    Deb, your words and pictures have conjured up such a magical place! It must have been such a bonus and a delight to discover what you had truly purchased. Patsy

  3. Absolutely spectacular! You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful place to getaway to and enjoy!

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