Enchanted Forest – Pender Island, BC

enchanted forest - pender island, bcThe Enchanted Forest is a natural area on South Pender Island. The area provides a gentle walk that winds through a wood of massive trees and lush fern.

enchanted forest - pender island, bcThe trail is a mix of boardwalks and dirt trails; on this particular day “mud trail” would have been a much more accurate description. Everything was very lush and green and we even had an opportunity to see the waterfall that runs seasonally.

Seasonal Waterfall

Seasonal Waterfall

Waterfall viewpoint.

Waterfall viewpoint.

We even managed to spot some “wildlife” hanging out on one of the boardwalks. The slugs in this part of the world are definitely significant in size. They are pretty fun creatures to watch.

slug The Enchanted Forest is a relaxing ramble and a great option on a hot, sunny day; the heavily treed area provides a lovely, cool environment to wander in and enjoy the treasures of the forest.

enchanted forest - pender island, bcenchanted forest - pender island, bc

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