The Launch

launch-1One of the things our children love about time on the island is how unstructured their time is. They don’t have to be anywhere for a certain time or be doing a certain thing. We spend a lot of time roaming beaches with no set goal.

“The Launch” is a perfect example of what our kids get up to when you just leave them to experience the beach on their own. Well they weren’t exactly “on their own”, I was busy taking at least 1000 pictures of a sea star (well they move so quickly…action shots you know! LOL!) when I noticed what was going on. Clearly a little organization went into this operation.

caveChild #3 was slower to get in on the action. She had found a little cave-like area and was looking for creatures.

launch-2After carrying the driftwood quite a long ways the kids finally launched their boat

launch-3and they watched it sail away.


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2 Responses to The Launch

  1. petunia106 says:

    Looks like they had fun! It’s the little things that make kids happy!!

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