Unexpected Roads

It feels like it has been ages since I put up a new post here. The last few weeks has been a blur of time at the cabin, a trip to Pender Island and our Western Grebe incident. (Please feel free to read “The Western Grebe – Saving A Nesting Ground” on my other blog….we need all the support we can get.)


The Coquihalla, BC, Canada – May 21st, 2013

Part of having our island home is the travel it takes to get there. I think last time I checked on Mapquest it was 1142 km driving door to door. The drive is interesting to say the least. We  travel across the prairie, through the twisting roads of the Shuswaps, over four mountain passes, through the gorgeous farmland of BC’s lower mainland, skirt the edges of metro Vancouver and finish off with a scenic ferry ride that delivers us to Otter Bay, Pender Island.

coquihallaUsually the drive is a pleasant 20-22 hour trip of watching the dotted line on the highway, drinking coffee and listening to music. The trips out are the best as we drive through the night;  from 10:30 pm onwards we mostly have the road to ourselves. Trips back we do in the daylight with a 6 am start to be on the ferry by 7:05 am.

may snow stormOn occasion the trip is a doozy. That was the trip from this past Tuesday (May 21st!). We were prepared for rain thanks to Environment Canada, we actually left a day early as we knew the weather was coming in. What we weren’t prepared for was what we met on the Coq……… a full-blown BLIZZARD……..in May.

coquihallaLow visibility, thick slush, blowing winds, and every time a semi passed you could see simply NOTHING. Still, all part of the experience but it does leave us wondering if it is ever truly safe to travel without our winter boots and coats.

I wonder what our trip out in June will bring?

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5 Responses to Unexpected Roads

  1. wildsherkin says:

    Hi Deb, I peeked at this on my phone but it’s never the same making a comment on a small screen. I need a big space to say that I think you are all AMAZING! To think that we moan about a two-hour door-to-door trip to our island home…. it’s just unthinkable for us to imagine the effort it must take. What great children you have. 🙂 Well done, guys! Every single mile is worth it because of the memories that you are giving them. I loved your story about their ‘launch’. What happy, carefree, simple times for them. Long may it last and I wish you many safe and happy journeys ahead. P

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