Riding the Ferries

ferryRiding the ferries is a big part of having a home on an island. It’s how you get to the island (obviously!), but also your method of  transportation when you need to pick up items that you can’t buy on island. I can’t think of a single time where our vehicle wasn’t completely loaded with either items for our stay or things for our house….groceries, furniture, art supplies, golf clubs, bedding, toys, and construction supplies. We usually have two different “shopping spots”, either Abbotsford (if we don’t drive through the night) or Langford (near Victoria). Our vehicle is usually full, full, full; we have even discovered you can transport a lot of goods when you stuff them into the kayak that is riding on top of the roof.


ferryRiding the ferry must be the most relaxing form of travel. A smooth sail through stunning scenery of islands, water, birds and boats. The ferries themselves are quite interesting with decks on different levels, indoor and outdoor areas, plus all the nautical details of the boat which are great for photography.

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7 Responses to Riding the Ferries

  1. friendlypics says:

    Great pictures. Lovely textures, lines and light!

  2. Hello Deb. Terrill Welch from Mayne Island. Thanks for following and lovely to find a neighbour island photographer and blogger.

    • Deb says:

      Hi Terrill, great to “meet” another Gulf Island blogger. We are hoping to do a day trip to Mayne sometime this summer, so far all we have seen of your lovely island is the ferry terminal. I am looking forward to following your blog.

  3. I love these, Deb. They really capture “the ferry ride” for me. For some people, these boats are just a pain in neck, but I’ve been riding them since I was a kid and I never get tired of them.

    • Deb says:

      Mark and I (& the kids) really enjoy the ferry. When Mark and I used to work in Liverpool we used to ride the ferry across the Mersey every day. Now it is just a bigger boat and a bigger trip. Now I will admit it was a bit of a pain when the tea and coffee machine was broken on the Mayne Queen; I really need a cup of tea on a 7am ferry.

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