Bricky Bay, Pender Island

Bricky Bay, Pender Island, BCBricky Bay is an interesting beach at the very top of North Pender Island. In the past it was the site of a brick factory. Even though the factory is long gone the beach is still scattered with souvenirs of the past. Our children love to come to this beach to build with the bricks….houses, walls, forts……I think we even had a brick “family” once. The kids use the bricks like found Lego; there aren’t many beaches where you can do making Bricky Bay pretty unique.

stack of bricks

brick fragments

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3 Responses to Bricky Bay, Pender Island

  1. Linda Cote says:

    Wow, such amazing photos! I love the idea of your kids scrambling along the beach building things with bricks. What a wonderful beach!

  2. I’ve GOT to go there! What a unique shoreline!!!! Thanks for posting this!

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