Paddling at Medicine Beach

paddling-medicine-beachI feel like I have been a little bit slow on posting on the blog lately. Life has been busy between meeting a deadline for an art piece, dealing with a mass amount of water damage and a quick trip out to the island. I never ever would though I would use the term “quick trip” when referring to an almost 1200km drive each way , but weirdly the more you do it the quicker it seems.

I thought I would share an outing from a previous trip to the island in late February. We decided to take out the “big boat” for a paddle at Medicine Beach (Pender Island, BC). We were actually inspired by another blogger, West Coast Kayaker, to pop the boat in even though it was February. Our “big boat” is a double kayak with a child seat in the middle, the great think about taking this kayak out is it allows us to let one of our older children paddle safely. I’m just not quite ready to let them paddle their own boats yet….maybe I worry too much.

Medicine Beach, Pender Island, BC

Medicine Beach, Pender Island, BC

Now “popping the boat in” sounds rather easy. Well probably it SHOULD be easy, however the ease of the situation changes when you unthinkingly put the boat on backwards on your roof racks. Word of warning, never ever ever put a huge double kayak on your roof with the opening facing the inside of the racks (the type that carry a kayak vertically). (In our defense we are newbies with the roof racks as when we had the kayak in Alberta we would just stroll the boat 100m down the road and pop it in the lake.) We get to the beach, we go to pull the boat off and somehow the backward mounted kayak gets the carrier jammed between the inside of the kayak and the kayak seats. Nothing would move.  We wiggled it shifted it tried everything we could do and everything we did made it worse. A half hour into this experience a gentleman who had been taking in the view from his little red Smart car came to our rescue. I’m thinking he couldn’t take the palava anymore. With the extra set of hands we were able to lift the boat enough to dismantle the roof racks and get the boat off….dismantling was the only way. (Are you laughing West Coast Kayaker?)

paddling-medicine-beachOnce we got the boat in the water it was clear paddling. Now we aren’t “hard-core” paddlers, more like “let’s go look at stuff” paddlers. Paddling allows us to see what is around the corner when an ocean gets in the way.

What we found around the corner.

What we found around the corner.

Paddling lets us see starfish clinging on to rocks.

My daughter checking out the starfish on the rocks.

My daughter checking out the starfish on the rocks.

Paddling lets us see what the beach looks like from another perspective. We paddled over shells and rocks and starfish and kelp. We felt the water splash us. We watched people exploring the shores.

Paddling over a starfish.

Paddling over a starfish.

But the best two things about paddling are the opportunity for family time , and the opportunity to explore the pristine coastline of Pender island, BC.  It is truly a natural paradise.

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5 Responses to Paddling at Medicine Beach

  1. Great photos! The wonderful thing about kayaking in BC in the Winter is the beautiful crystal clear water. When paddling over shallows it is like looking in an aquarium.

    • Deb says:

      It is quite amazing. It is also a little like a game of hide and seek. You paddle over a purple starfish with one child then the next child wants to see it , and you spend 20 minutes paddling all over the bay looking for where the starfish went. Fun and sometimes frustrating.

  2. I love that last shot, Deb! And no, I’m not laughing. I’ve had my kayak slide right off the side of my truck once and come crashing to the ground, and in front of a whole crowd of people at Poet’s Cove. It’s convenient to be able to transport these long narrow boats by vehicle, but really, cars and kayaks are just not very compatible. Thanks for the mention by the way!

    • Deb says:

      Oh, if that had happened to me at Poet’s I would have been so embarassed. Our little boat isn’t as bad to put up on the racks, but now that the kids want to paddle all the time we are forced to take the big one. It is great to have the kids excited about paddling, and who can blame them, there are such amazing things to see in the water around Pender.

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