How I spent my Easter vacation…………….GOLFING!

pender golf course 8 blog

I am smugly putting up this post knowing that my readers in Alberta will be waking up to the aftermath of a snow storm.I know it is kind of evil to write about golf when Alberta is into its seventh snow-covered month (oh well!) but the fact of the matter is over Easter weekend we went golfing at the Pender Island Golf & Country Club.

pender golf course 1 blog

We had a fabulous time. The weather was sunny and +16 Celsius. The cherry trees were in full bloom, making the course incredibly picturesque, and we had the added ambience of the occasional rooster crowing.

pender golf course 4 blog

We golfed uphill and down hill which kept the afternoon very interesting. We met some very friendly people. My boys lost A LOT of balls.

pender golf course 6 blog

pender golf course 3 blog

pender golf course 5 blog

Golfing at the Pender Island Golf & Country Club had a lovely laid back feel, was super enjoyable, and we can’t wait to golf the course again next time we are on the island.

pender golf course 7 blog

Just a little note to Albertans, the Pender Island Golf & Country Club provides year round golf. It makes a great weekend get-away as it is a one and a half hour flight Calgary, AB to Victoria, BC and then a 40 minute ferry ride to Pender Island. The golf course is less than 5 minutes from the ferry. I think it is just fabulous that we can winter golf in CANADA…..who would have thought.

pender golf course 2 blog( All photos taken on the iphone 4s)

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4 Responses to Fore!

  1. Yup, it’s hard out here on the West Coast!

  2. Judy Reardigan says:

    Good idea on the weekend get-away…we might even try that. Great post. Judy

    • Deb says:


      You would love the island and the golf. I think Mark and I worked out if you line it up right with the ferries it is under 6.5 hours Red Deer to Pender if you fly.


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