Frosty Leaves

frosted leaf

It is amazing how much difference a little bit of sun, or lack there of, can make. We were driving through South Pender Island, not far from the Enchanted Forest walk, when I spotted these frosty leaves tucked away in the shade. It was the first bit of frost we had ever personally experienced on the island, and somehow the frost on these leaves looked magical. Up close the leaves looked almost as if they were coated in sugar.

frosted leafAs I tramped around in the crunchy, frozen grass, I managed to have a few curious drivers slow down to try to see what I was doing in what had to be the coldest part of the island on that day. The cold fingers were certainly worth suffering to be able to capture the images of these beautiful leaves.

frosted leaf

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  1. I can’t believe how easily I get behind on blog reading, and then nearly miss something like this. These are such lovely pictures, Deb. So well composed. I envy your skill with the camera.

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