Medicine Beach in Black and White

medicine beachThis was one of those quiet, dark, cold days on the beach. Black and white seemed to be the natural way to capture the feeling of the day.

medicine beachmedicine beachA deserted beach and glass-like water added to the hushed atmosphere.

driftwoodmedicine beachThis day the beach seemed to have gone to sleep for the winter.


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4 Responses to Medicine Beach in Black and White

    • Deb says:

      Thank you. I love how beaches are empty in winter.

      So is the weather going to be nice out in Pender this weekend?

      • After consulting my meany weather sites (my dad was a pilot – weather wasn’t just idle conversation in our house), it’s looking like a mixed bag. Saturday is the least nice looking day. A good day for working on the fireplace. But Sunday might just hold some promise. Have a good and safe trip out!

      • Deb says:

        Thank you for the expert analysis.

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