My Renovation Review – The February 2013 Edition

I am sitting here making mental check lists of what needs to be done on the Pender house. We are headed out in a few days and will have only 2 days (3 if we drive through the night) to work on the house while still fitting in time to enjoy the beaches, go for a hike, maybe a paddle,and possibly golf. It seems like a lot to fit into 3 days. It will be so nice to escape the snow and walk in real shoes (or worst case wellies) instead of winter boots.

Side of the house.

The house.

A little back story for those just starting to read this blog, the house we bought in Pender wasn’t exactly a finished house. Previous owners added onto the original structure over 20 years ago and never quite finished it, so we are in the process of tidying up half-finished construction projects.


The fireplace in need of finishing.

The job that I really have to tackle this trip is the fireplace. When we bought the house the hearth hadn’t been tiled or the surround finished off. Over Christmas my husband perfected tile cutting (what a messy job!), we laid the tile on the hearth, and put up the edging trim around the fireplace insert. This time out to the house I really need to put up the remaining tile to frame in the fireplace insert, plus getting it all grouted would be a bonus.


Fireplace hearth waiting to be grouted. We actually found this tile stacked under the house.


Tile to frame in the fireplace insert.

Another project that needs tackling is the master bathroom. This is a considerable project. The most simple upgrade that is required here is to change out the industrial light over the sink. We have the light already, we just need a calm hour in the middle of the day to tackle the project. The calm hour tends to be the problem as the children are VERY excited when they are out on Pender and always want to be on a beach.

The bathroom vanity lit by a very industrial looking light.

The bathroom vanity lit by a very industrial looking light.

The next challenge in this same bathroom is the shower. It needs to have all the silicone stripped out, the tile needs re-grouting, and then needs to be siliconed again. A lot of work in cosy quarters. I started stripping out the silicone over Christmas, in some places it had been siliconed over silicone and was an inch in thickness. This is a “special” project.


The shower that needs re-grouting and re-siliconing.

Removing silicone.

Removing silicone.

The final part to the bathroom that is a huge job is the tub. It had never been tiled and because of this the window frames had also never been installed. Hopefully we can at least get the cement board cut and screwed on this trip out. When we look at the bathroom we keep trying to remind ourselves that with baby-steps we will eventually get there.


The unfinished tub.

My husband keeps reminding me of all the things we have improved so far: several rooms painted, cleaning up the yard and taming the garden, the start of tiling and little projects like putting up lights, curtains and hooks.

installing hooks

hooksIt is great to list the projects here in the blog. It makes me more accountable on actually doing a project.  Without accountability I may be tempted to not work, hit the beach, pick up a take away at Pender Sushi, come home and fire up the wood stove, and play Ticket to Ride with the family (that does sound tempting!).


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2 Responses to My Renovation Review – The February 2013 Edition

  1. When we moved here, seven years ago, we thought that we would get through all the little renovations in no time and have a “finished house” to call home. Seven years later, and all too many of those little renos are still nowhere near done. Sometimes they weren’t as little as they seemed, and sometimes they were a LOT more costly than we thought they would be. And sometimes is just nicer to go out for a paddle or walk on the beach…

    • Deb says:

      We have a costly reno on the horizon out in Pender. I want to reconfigure the room the laundry is in to have a mini laundry room inside a bedroom. It means moving both water and electrical . I get stressed just thinking about it. Ideas like this will lead to a lot of walking on the beach (and a lot of head shaking from my husband!).

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