Beach Treasures

shell on beach

I have spent the last couple of days editing hour after hour through pictures from when we were in Pender in January. I suddenly realized that if I didn’t get through these pictures quickly, in two weeks time I will have another 2000 pictures to edit as well….well that is if the roads allow us to make the trek out to Pender.

shell on driftwood

shell on rock beach

I noticed as I looked through the images I had a lot of pictures of “beach treasures”: kelp, seashells, rocks and driftwood.

barnacles and green rock

clam shell

It is amazing how many of these “beach treasures” follow us home. Every room in our house has at least one seashell in it, the area under my easel has 17 small pieces of driftwood for a project I have in mind, seaweed has followed us home to Alberta as part of an eco-dyeing experiment (jury is still out on whether it is worth trying again), and my children walk around with beach glass in their pockets.

open shell


We do, however, have a policy of checking for critters before popping a seashell in a pocket. This is a lesson we learned a few years back. We had been to England and my son had popped a snail-shell into the pocket of his waterproof, we didn’t think anything of it. Weeks and weeks later we were back in Canada and my son went on an outing to the library. He reached into his pocket to play with his shell and it crawled across his hand. Talk about a surprise. The joke in the family was that we were smuggling animals into the country.

clam shell

Luckily pictures of “beach treasures” seem a safer bet. They don’t crawl out of your pocket unexpectedly and they don’t smell.oyster shellbarnacles

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10 Responses to Beach Treasures

  1. I love these beach treasures, too. In the years we’ve lived on Pender, and from many other places, I’ve pocketed enough beach glass to start my own recycling centre, Also, plenty of heart shaped rocks (always a favorite), interesting shells and the occasional dead sea star. I know we’re supposed to leave these things were they are, but they’re kind of hard to resist.

  2. Octavian says:

    You are so lucky being so close to so many treasures!!

  3. Ana Ela says:

    Ove the shell photos – so beautifully colourful!

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