Bridge Trail – A Short January Walk

View from the Bridge

Bridge Trail is a walk we have driven past many times, noticed the sign post, but never stopped. It is located just after crossing the bridge from North Pender Island to South Pender Island; while most traffic travels left in pursuit of destinations such as Brooks Point or Poet’s Cove Resort, the trailhead for Bridge Trail is just at the corner on the right. The trail  has to be one of the shortest and easiest walks on South Pender Island, but it does give a little stretch of the legs and a slightly different view of the bridge, plus there is a bench for those who want to relax and enjoy nature.

View from Bridge Trail

On the January day we visited this spot we were fortunate to have sunshine and great lighting. In addition to walking the bridge trail I did take advantage of the lack of traffic (a great perk of off-season travel) and take a few pictures from the bridge.  The scenery was lovely as you looked down the canal.

View from the Bridge

I am looking forward to paddling under the bridge once the nice weather arrives in order to have a different view of the same area. This past summer we spent quite a lot of time at Mortimer Spit which is literally around the corner from Bridge Trail. We would take out the kayak and alternate which children would get to go for a ride. Anytime we neared the bridge the young ones would demand that we turn around and go back. Hopefully this year the children will be a little braver and let us go past the bridge, and perhaps take a few photographs as well.

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