Memories of the Farm – Pender Island, BC, Canada

Memories of the Farm

Driving around we have discovered that Pender Island is not just stunning sea views and beautiful beaches, this little island also has some wonderful rural scenery. There are many little vignettes of farm life that I have wanted to capture with my camera but I have been guilty of saying “I’ll shoot it next time!” knowing our children are anxious to hit the next beach.

Winter creates the perfect opportunity to stop and capture images of rural life. Once our children have had a good run on the beach, and their fingers are chilled to the bone, they are more than happy to sit in a nice warm car while Mommy takes her pictures of old trucks, shacks and fences.

This image was captured just off Spalding Road. Anyone who has driven this road will probably recognize the scene as it is right across from “the little shack”. On the day I shot this, I had stopped to only shoot the shack, but upon returning to our vehicle I looked to the side and the old truck was sitting there. It was a perfect “back in time” image.

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