Craddock Beach, South Pender Island – January 2013

Craddock Beach, January 2013

The other evening I was having a virtual chat with West Coast Kayaker about Pender Island and I realized I had yet to share any pictures of the beach at the end of Craddock Drive on South Pender Island. This is one of my family’s favorite spots with its cool rock formations, plenty of rocks for throwing and driftwood to climb on. We have also discovered little treasures on this beach such as beach glass and shells different to the ones we have found up on North Pender Island. It is a great place for sketching and photography with beautiful views, and quite often warm sunshine.

View From Craddock Beach, January 2013

Mount Baker, January 2013

On this particular day Mount Baker, in Washington State, was amazing. Our children ran ahead of us and down the steps to the beach. We immediately heard “Mommy, Mommy come quick!” (Of course my immediate thought was “what now, who did what” and expecting an injury or at least an incident!) There at the bottom of the steps, looking down the beach our children had stopped in their tracks and were staring at Mount Baker. It was amazing with the snowy peaks contrasting against the blue sky. Memorable.

Driftwood On Craddock Beach, January 2013

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2 Responses to Craddock Beach, South Pender Island – January 2013

  1. These are such beautiful pictures of Craddock. And that shot of Baker is perfect. I could swear that some days it seems so much closer than on other days. I was down there this morning with Charlie, our dog, and I never tire of that place, certainly Charlie never does. Just watching him leap exuberantly into that hypothermic water is enough to make anyone cringe! Thank you for posting these, Deb. It’s such a special place.

    • Deb says:

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Craddock always shoots so well.

      We were saying the same thing about Mount Baker, how some days it looks bigger. Our second son is always wanting to go to viewpoints to see the mountain.

      You are so lucky to have been walking on the beach today. We are literally counting the days until we are back on Pender.

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