Daffodils in January

Now I might be a little bit weird, but one of the awesome-est (definitely a word!) things about Pender Island in January is you can garden. Maybe not everyone thinks that way, but I sure do. I get to leave Alberta with its frigid temperatures and snow up to my knees, and arrive in Pender and have mud up to my knees. It’s great.

daffodil bulbs

Back in November I was already thinking about the possibilities of working in our Pender garden over the Christmas break. I knew I could do some clean-up and trimming that the garden greatly needs. Then I had a brain wave that I could plant bulbs and that they would still probably have enough time before spring comes. My idea became a reality walking through Home Depot one day and they had daffodil bulbs. Let me re-phrase that…daffodil bulbs on sale…on clearance….cheap. let’s face it, daffodil bulbs are not big sellers in Alberta in December, they just wanted to be shut of the things. I am pretty sure the lady at the checkout thought I was certifiable insane with how excited I was to be buying daffodil bulbs while there was a threatening blizzard outside.

Well my winter trip to Pender did not disappoint. I raked. I trimmed. I attacked the blackberry bushes that attack my children; I guess that is revenge actually. I also started to clean up some flowerbeds that had not been touched for a while. This is actually pretty exciting because the physical rock edging of the beds are in place yet the actual plantings need a vast amount of work; it is going to be a fun challenge.

planted daffodil bulb

After cleaning up the beds I set about planting bulbs. I found a few amazing surprises in that some of the daffodils previously planted had already poked through the ground. I was thrilled.

daffodil shoots

daffodil shoots

My girls decided to get in on the planting. We have this quirky little hill at the front that we still haven’t figured out what the purpose of it is, so we decided to plant a few bulbs there as well. They love gardening as long as I do the really mucky parts. Eventually I plan to plant the whole hill out so that it at least seems to have a purpose.

I am hoping the bulbs take. I guess we will find out come April.

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