A Sense of Humour With An Island Twist

Today I have opted for a lighthearted post.

We recently returned from our stay on Pender Island. To say that we hadn’t stayed on top of the laundry situation over the holiday season would be an understatement. Yesterday I decided to tackle the inevitable and do laundry. I really had no choice as our four-year old had no pants to wear and it was -13C outside so shorts were not going to cut it.


The pile of laundry was immense so I decided out of pure curiosity to count how many items I folded and put away. When my children came home I was already at 250 items of clothing. My son, who is passionate about both numbers and the Gulf Islands, came out with a classic line: “Mom, you’ve almost folded as many pieces of clothing as Saturna has full-time residents!” What a sense of humour! This cracked everyone up….and then the competition was on.

Lyall Harbour, Saturna Island

Lyall Harbour, Saturna Island

Final score:
Saturna – 335 full-time residents (in 2011 according to the Island Trust)
Laundry – 476 items of clothing (plus 4 odd mittens, 1 odd leg warmer and 40 odd socks!)

My son putting an island twist on laundry sure made it fun .

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