House Tour

Now would be a fun time to invite you to a virtual house tour, and the work that needs to be done.

First we have the outside of the house.

The outside of the house is in pretty good shape. The deck railings needs painting and a bit of repair, as does the fence, but this is outside work that we look forward to tackling in the summertime. The deck is a fabulous space of almost 1000 square feet stretching across the entire length of the house. We are looking forward to enjoying the deck in nice weather.

The shed is quite large, needs quite a bit of work, but could have great potential as a studio some day. It is a project for another day far in the future. The garden area is quite interesting, quite overgrown and very west coast. It has one area that does have lawn, but the rest is wild. Our children actually found a fountain hidden under some growth; it reminds me of a secret garden. The yard will be a challenge that I greatly look forward to.

This is the family room after the pheasant wall paper was removed and the wall paper was painted. Unfortunately I have no “before” pictures. I simply forgot to take pictures with all the events that happened when we first took possession. The family room has doors opening on to the deck which is lovely. The fireplace has tile work still needing to be finished . This is a project we intend to tackle quickly in order to be able to use the fireplace in winter. Eventually we plan to either re-finish or replace the hard wood floor.

The kitchen.

The kitchen.

The kitchen is in fairly good shape with well constructed cabinets that have been very well taken care of by the previous owner. In the future we plan to update the appliances, replace the flooring, and redo the countertops and tiled back splash. It is a very pleasant space to cook in.

The “stone room”, as we call it, is the hub of the house. Believe it or not the floor and wall behind the wood stove is real stone. The stone work is stunning. This room functions as our dining room, a reading area, and access to the loft that the children have for bedrooms. It is a stunning room, but dark. We have plans to paint the room to lighten it up.

The master bedroom and master bath are the largest challenges when it comes to renovating this house. The master bedroom measures 28 feet by 14 feet, with a vaulted ceiling, skylights and a walk-in closet; it is a large space. The trim of the bedroom had been painted black and was covered with tons of wood filler, it is amazing what curtains can cover up. Our intention is to repaint all the trim a lighter color. We also need to install the trim finishing off the wood ceiling. This should be a fairly straightforward job, but the height of the room will make it a bit challenging.

The master bathroom is the area of the house that needs the most work. It is raw drywall that has never been painted. It does not have skirting boards. It does not have ceiling trim. The tub has never been tiled. There is a bare bulb light hanging in the shower. The shower is leaking and has caused a small amount of mold on the outside of the shower. Saying this space needs a lot of work would be an understatement. The good news is we discovered the mold issue was only on the surface, it scraped right off, but we still need to re-grout and re-silicon the shower.

There are a few other areas to the house that have not been photographed: our children’s loft, a stone bathroom (yes you read that correctly!), a foyer, a laundry room and a storage room that in its previous life was used as a wine making room.

This is an interesting house. Thank you for taking the tour with me, I look forward to sharing our future renovations and improvements with you.

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  1. Excellent blog!

    Loved the house tour

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