Little House on the Island

It’s February. It’s dark. We set off to board the ferry to the Gulf Islands. Well sort of. My husband kind of missed the berth where the ferry was docked. He drove past the ferry and out of the ferry terminal. It was then we realized we had five minutes to rectify the situation. We explained to the ferry attendant what we had done, and of course the out of province plates on our vehicle completely explained how lost we were.

So we arrive at the island. It is late. It is dark. Did I mention this island only has a handful of street lights, literally, as in maybe five. But this isn’t a problem as we have our handy-dandy GPS with us, and selecting “shortest route” is always the best way to travel…right? So the address to our accommodation is popped into the GPS and off we go, following the directions loyally as we drive over the bumpiest, twistiest forested dark road. The ride was similar to the “Indiana Jones” ride at Disneyland, but we made it there in one piece.

Now I did say it was a little house we had travelled to see. When I say little, I mean LITTLE. First thing in the morning we were off to see the house. We are keen. Our five kids are excited. I have all my measurements for Ikea furniture in one hand and a tape measure in the other. We are all set. We go into the house. It is small. I measure the front room’s walls and we have enough room for two sofa beds and a flip out mattress on the floor; enough room for the kids to sleep…cozily. So all is what we had expected, all that was left to see was the lot. The lot was big and rugged and very west coast. We loved the outside area, well that was until we looked up. At the top of the hill, on the property directly behind the little house, we saw the strangest construction project, teetering. From this moment on we named the dodgy build at the top of the hill “Dr. Evil’s Summer Home”………..but it could also be called “the deal breaker”.

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