How it all began…….

I always find it interesting how people end up in different places, places where they never imagined they would ever be. Our buying a house out on the island is one of those stories.

It all started with a set of three golf lessons.

My husband and I had never golfed before but we had fancied the idea, so I booked a set of three golf lessons for him for a birthday present. Well, we fell in love with the sport. At the end of August we were thinking of where we could go to golf in the winter.  September arrived and the thought of Arizona came to mind after talking to a friend who had a vacation property in Lake Havasu, AZ. By the time it was October we were packing our bags and hitting the road to look at houses in the Kingman area of Arizona. Houses were selling cheap and we felt this was a good possibility for a vacation home with winter golf. Nine days and 5000 km later, with five children in tow, we had seen Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but the houses just weren’t what we were looking for.

The next step in our search for winter golf was to expand our search to the Phoenix area. It was a little further south than where we were originally looking, but we knew a lot of Albertans that owned in the area so we thought we would give it a try. We spent night and day checking out all the listings for about two months. New foreclosures would pop up every few hours and you had to act fast as the good houses sold fast, so we started bidding on houses that we had only seen on the internet. We found this to be interesting and scary at the same time. The realtor we were dealing with did a very thorough job showing us the properties through pictures so we thought buying a house off the internet was something we could do.

Christmas neared, our children got sick as they always do before Christmas, and we started to wonder if we really wanted a vacation place so far away from home. One day I decided to google “winter golf canada” just as a lark to see what the search would turn up. I discovered many courses in the Vancouver area, a few near Victoria and a couple in the Gulf Islands. Now this was interesting, both my husband and I love B.C..  I started searching the internet for houses about an hour outside of Vancouver because there is no way we could EVER afford Vancouver prices. I found a couple of “fix-er-uppers” that were not at “fix-er-upper” prices. The next step we took was looking at the Southern Gulf Island area. We thought there was no way we could afford it, but it was -40 outside and we had nothing better to do but search on the internet so we took a look. So look we did and we found a little place we could afford. We were excited.

And so the search began for a home in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia……….

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